The concerts of the 2019/2020 season will be held in the Bawtree Concert Hall which has a marvellous acoustic and atmospheric lighting.

The first 2 rows of the auditorium will be reserved for those who may have difficulty using the stairs. We are also going to place individual chairs in appropriate places in order to further aid safe access Close to the venue there is a limited amount of parking in marked places for those with disabilities. We ask others coming to our concerts to please keep those spaces free and use the main car park as before.

When coming to the main entrance of the Baily Building, please stand 2 paces back from the double doors as they open outwards.

The Bawtree Concert Hall can be found in the Baily Buiding which is on the west side of Hazelwood School's campus, near to the main car park's exit. Full information about the Baily Building and the Bawtree Concert Hall, can be found by following the link.

O&LMS Music Prize Winners

The 2017 Prizewinner - Camilla Savlieva.
The 2016 Prizewinner - Alexander Stejskal.
The 2015 Prizewinner - Elias Asli.
The 2014 Prizewinner - Eliza Percival.

In 2014 the O&LMS Committee introduced a music prize of an engraved pewter salver to be presented as an annual award to a talented young musician. The prize was an idea of David Lloyd, the Society's Chairman at that time. The salver has been inscribed "Oxted & Limpsfield Music Society Prize for a Young Musician of Promise at Hazelwood School". In 2017 the Committee decided that the prizewinner should also be awarded free entry to all the season's concerts. We hope that they will be able to attend in order that we can acknowledge their talent and achievements personally.

We have been given permission to announce short biographies about these remarkable young musicians. They were nominated by Hazelwood School's Head of Music and now O&LMS has great pleasure in introducing them to you.

2017 - Camilla Savlieva
Camilla was 9 years old when she was awarded the prize. She has been playing the piano since the age of 5. She developed an interest in music from an early age, and has shown a keen interest to learn different styles and genres of music. Camilla happily embraced the opportunity to continue playing the piano when she entered Hazelwood in 2011, and in 2015 she started taking singing lessons. Earlier in 2017 Camilla passed piano Grade 3 with distinction and in mid-2017 took Grade 3 voice. She enjoys playing with other Hazelwood musicians, and equally loves playing classical music and jazz. Her developing musicality and desire to learn music has received excellent support from her teachers.

2016 - Alexander Stejskal.
Alexander was 7 years old when he received the award and started having violin lessons when he was only 3 and a half. He was invited to perform at Cadogan Hall on his 5th birthday and has since performed at various well-known venues. In 2015 he was invited to perform the Bach Double Violin Concerto at the Royal Albert Hall. 2016 has also been a very exciting year for him. He met the world renowned violinist Dr. Lakshminarayana Subramaniam and got to play the Bach Double Violin Concerto with him. Alexander has been working closely with Ben Wragg from the Purcell School since 2016 as well as enjoying his lessons with Sara Young at Hazelwood School. Alexander performed at the opening of the School's beautiful new Baily Building in September 2016.

2015 - Elias Asli.
Elias was 11 years old when he received the award. He lived in Denmark until the age of 6, when he moved to Oxted. He started playing the cello at the same time and passed Grade 5 with Distinction in summer 2016. He particularly enjoys playing in chamber music groups and orchestras. His string quartet competed and performed at the Young Prague Music Festival 2015, gaining a silver medal. Elias also enjoys singing and regularly performed with the School choir and chamber vocal ensemble, both as a choir member and as a soloist. He started learning the acoustic guitar and experimented with many music genres. Elias has been awarded 2 school music prizes plus performing arts scholarship.

2014 - Eliza Percival
The first winner of the prize was Eliza Percival who, at the time of being awarded the prize was in year 6 at Hazelwood School. She is not only a talented cellist, she also plays the piano and sings beautifully. She came to the recital given by the Benyounes Quartet on 29th November 2014 and, from the front row, was able to watch the advanced cello techniques of the professional musicians. She was presented with the salver and congratulated by the Chairman of the Society at that time, David Lloyd. After the recital Eliza, proudly holding the salver, had her photograph taken with the Benyounes Quartet and it appeared in the local press. A special assembly was held at the School to present the salver to Eliza in front of her peers.